The dark season is here. When the evenings are lasting longer what we really need is some cosy light. Even better if this light is a beautiful sustainable eye-catcher, right? Here I collected some pretty unique ones, which will spice up your home and brighten up your winter mood. 

When Hemp, Tobacco and Wine become Light

Highlight by Highsociety

©Highsociety, Highlight pendant light

Hemp, tobacco and wine, these are the basis of the timeless beautiful lights of the South Tyrol design studio Highsociety. To create the lampshades they combine natural by-products with compression molding techniques and craftsmanship. The green pendant lights are made of pesticide free hemp leftovers from the heights of South Tyrol; while the brown versions are made of leaves and stalks from Venetian tobacco; and the burgundy shades from the solid remains of the wine production (pomace) from an organic winery. All of which are available in two different shapes.

Minimal Wood Classic 

The Terho Lamp Series by Mater

©Mater, Terho lamp series

The Terho Lamp is designed by the Finnish designer Maija Puoskari for Mater. Inspired by nature, the lamp refers to the shape of acorns. The beautifully shaped light consists out of natural linden wood and opal glass. The wood is FSC certified from responsible European forestry and the glass is mouth-blown in Poland. Available in three different sizes. 

New life for egg cartons

Egg of Columbus by Seletti

The light series Egg of Columbus by Valentina Carretta from Fabrica for Seletti was inspired by Christopher Columbus’ challenge to his deniers, to make an egg stand on its tip. The beautiful lampshades are made out of recycled coarse paper, (the kind egg cartons are made of) and come in three cool shapes and five beautiful smooth colours. A stylish table lamp completes the series. 

©Seletti, Egg of Columbus light series

Sensual Paper Mâché 

Sensi II by Crea-Re studio

©Crea-Re, Sensi II lamp

Sensi stands for senses and sensitivity. The sculptural light by Barcelona based design studio Crea-Re was inspired by this sensuality and the mystery of the human body. Irregular recesses and unique wrinkles on the oval shaped and smooth surface accentuate this. Each of the sculptural lamps is unique and fills the interior with warm light. It is built out of paper maché, made from recycling old newspaper and ecological certified water based glue. Furthermore it is very lightweight and dyed with natural pigments and compostable at the end of its lifetime.

The Minimal Versatile One

Walnut Pendant with Enno bulb by Tala

©Tala, Walnut Pendant lamp with Enno bulb

If you like it really minimalistic then you will like this one. The beautifully shaped LED bulbs from Tala are not only super sustainable and stylish, they also come with beautiful pendants. The Walnut Pendant is super sleek and elegant comes with a small brass feature and is made out of FSC certified American oak. The cool thing about the system is, if you want a change in the future, just get a different bulb instead of changing the whole lamp, isn’t that sustainable? 

The Coffee Light

The Coffire porcelain pendant light by Zhekai Zhang

©Zhekai Zhang, The Coffire porcelain pendant lights

Did you know that currently 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide each year? That means 8 million tons of coffee grounds are produced. Most of these are discarded in landfills or end up in sewage systems, all this consumes a lot of energy and harming the environment, this is why it’s great to reuse this waste. The Coffire light by Chinese designer Zhekai Zhang consists of a porcelain lampshade, which is glazed by glazing made from coffee grounds. Therefore Zhekai Zhang uses a new innovation of surface finishing technique by using used coffee grounds as sustainable colouring to mimic marble textures. The cool thing about it, each light is unique.

The Neon Light 2.0

The Polix by Maximum

©Maximum, The Polix lamp

The Polix lamp from Maximum is truly an ode to the up-cycling movement. The stylish light consists out of obsolete fluorescent lights, which are working as diffuser and soften the light of the new generation neon lights inside the lamp. All is framed and protected by recycled expanded polystyrene foam, produced from the overruns of Knauf’s production line. This process is a first in the history of recycling expanded polystyrene.

Recycled Pivoting Aluminium 

The Gota Collection by OGSB Studio

©OGSB, The Gota Collection

The Gota Collection features minimal table lamps and floor lamps made of recycled aluminium from local manufactures, designed by Brussel based OGSB Studio and Ateliers J&J. Next to its beautiful clean design and its great environmental impact the lamps feature two points of pivoting motion, which makes the lamp stay exactly where you want. The lamps are made out of one single material that allows easy recycling and assembling. To emphasize the mono-material choice, the LED lamp comes in nicely unicoloured: matt black; matt light grey; satin olive green; satin oil blue; or anodized aluminium.

Lights made out of songs

Sunflower by Dirk Vander Kooij

©Dirk Vander Kooij, The Sunflower lamp

The Sunflower lamp belongs to the Fresnel light family by designer Dirk Vander Kooij. The lights were inspired by Augustin-Jean Fresnel’s eponymous lens. The standing light consists out of individual Fresnel units, which are revolving around a central, movable steel ball, making each sunflower composition easy to arrange. The sunflower lamp is available in five different configurations. Hundreds of LEDs are contained within units are cased within a shell-like printed structure made from recycled rooftop windows, chocolate moulds, and CDs. These help create the dazzling light distortion effect the light is known for.

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