Hi there!

My name is Sandra and I just love materials. As a trained architect I was always fascinated by them and their influence on design and our lives. Since two years I have the weird hobby of walking around with my camera under my arm and try to capture inspiring places. On top of that I discovered my interest in circular design and had the rising urge to share these great designs, possibilities and innovations out there with you. So I hope you enjoy.

I’m inviting you to an exciting journey of materials and design. Thereby I set the focus on sustainability, circular design and innovation and I hope I can offer you design inspiration to make better decisions.

Goodbye throwaway society. Hello circular society.

What actually is circular design? A quick explanation:

Circular Design is designing with the principles of the circular economy. This is standing in opposite to our actual linear economy (“take-make-dispose” ). A circular economy is a system with closed loops driven by renewable energies. The idea is to design products in a way they save resources, reduce waste and emissions. Through long lasting designs, modular system or designs which are easy to repair or good to remanufacture we can help slowing, closing and narrowing the material and energy loops.

A great explanation video you’ll find here