Let’s talk about refillable water bottles. To reduce plastic waste it’s important to use refillable water bottles instead of buying plastic bottles. We all know this by now, but what kind of bottles are actually out there? Maybe you already have a bottle at home, but not using it, because its too heavy, too big or too sporty and doesn’t fit to your business look? Whatever the reason is, I collected here the most stylish and practical bottles out there. So no excuse for not carrying a bottle anymore, here you will find your favorite one.



Let’s start with a very special one. The design is outstanding, stylish and just so practical. If you have trouble squeezing a water bottle in your bag, this stylish flask-like bottle fits anywhere. It’s available in different paper sizes, made out of BPA and BPS-free plastic and comes with a black, white or elegant stainless steel lid.

Good to know: Certified B Corporation.
Social impact: Memobottle collaborates with water.org, every bottle sold, provides one person with two months’ access to clean water.

©MEMOBOTTLE, A6 version



The unique design of the Dopper catches the eye. The Dutch company offers insulated and plastic water bottles which are light and small and come with a cup which symbolize the company’s philosophy, to put water on a pedestal. The Dopper bottle is available in many colors, limited editions and are customizable, put your logo or name on it and have accessories like sport lids and carabines to transport the bottle better.

Good to know: Certified B Corporation. Social Impact: Dopper is a Dutch social enterprise and it is the first water bottle which uses the cradle to cradle concept. 5% of the net sales goes to the Dopper Foundation’s project: Water in Nepal. Furthermore they have the Dopper Water & Waste Academy where they spread the message over lectures, participation in think tanks, juries, workshops and public events.

©Dopper, in the Insulated Blazing Black version



Another stylish and edgy flat design comes with Phil The Bottle by Palomar, a city bottle that chooses free water. On the back of each BPA-free plastic bottle is a list of the city’s drinking fountain locations where it can be filled, like drinking fountains in parks, squares and along the street. And if your city isn’t available, there’s also the Phil The Bottle of Anywhere.  Great concept and perfect for your next city trip.                                 




If you are a true cycler and are seeking a bottle which goes with that then I found your bottle. The Coloral original cycling bottle has its origin in the golden age of cycling. Now upgraded, the brushed stainless steel bottle is light, food-grade, vacuum insulated and fits into every modern bike bottle cage. The bottle has a cool steel screw cap and a cute cork base which makes sliding impossible.

Social impact: Coloral donates 10% of every purchase to Re-Cycle, an organization who repurposes 165 tonnes of discarded bikes each year. Every Coloral bottle sold supports the initiative, which teaches African communities how to repair and maintain bikes to ensure easier access to healthcare, education and most importantly clean, safe drinking water. Furthermore Coloral is a member of the 1% For The Planet Network.




The Closca bottle is a real multitasker and ideal for fashion lovers. Why? The bottle consists of strong borosilicate glass covered by a smooth silicone sleeve which has a flap that latches onto your backpack, bike or stroller. It comes in two colors and you can choose the stripe on the flap to match your clothes. Furthermore it has a dual opening, so you can screw of the bottom to clean it better, even in the dishwasher and you can add a tea infuser.

Social Impact: CLOSCA developed a water app where you can find the nearest drinking fountains to refill your bottle and rewards you for not drinking out of a plastic bottle. They started the #MyLastPlasticBottle movement, a community who changes the way we drink water and inspire others.

©CLOSCA, bottles in white and grey



These bottles from the, more than one hundred year old, Swiss company SIGG brings me back to my childhood and are design classics. Out of the many beautiful bottles they offer however, I picked STELLA, which is made out of 30% recycled glass and comes with a cool insulating neoprene cover in 3 different colors which protects the glass at the same time.

©SIGG, bottle STELLA in grey



This minimal unicoloured stainless steel bottle by KINTO keeps your drinks cool or hot for six hours. The tumbler is available in 8 beautiful colours, powder coated, so scratch resistant, perfect for outdoor use and comes with a handle on the top to better carrying it around.

©KINTO, DAY OFF TUMBLER in mustard and white



The bottle Que is super practical, not only for a hike, as well for your urban life. The silicone bottle is not only stylish and smooth, it’s even collapsible, so it saves you a lot of room in your bag. It comes with a stainless steel lid and many beautiful colours, limited editions, is BPA-free and plastic-free and you can put it in the dishwasher.

Social impact: 10% of proceeds are donated to The Rainforest Trust to protect rainforests and save endangered wildlife.

©que, que bottles in the sand



Is probably the most compact water bottle I’ve seen so far. This one is collapsible as well, folds down so flat, it would even fit under a hat. OHYO is available in two different versions which can contain 500ml or 1000ml when extended and comes with a spout. Its Phthalate and BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Ideal for everyday life, small bags and kids.

Social impact: Ohyo supports the Find-a-Fountain campaign.

©OHYO, bottles in 4 different colours



This bottle is really unique and not only its design, it filters the water with a traditional Japanese Binchotan charcoal. The charcoal is looked in place so it can’t move while you drink. The EAU GOOD bottle is made out of light BPA-free plastic and sealed with a lid out of silicon and a natural cork. Pretty cool idea.

Good to know: The charcoal lasts 6 months before you have to change it.

©Black+Blum, Eau Good bottle in olive



Welcome to the 21st century with this bottle. The LARQ bottle is not only damn good looking and keeps water chilled, it is a self purifying and cleaning bottle. With their patented water purification system powered by UV-C LED technology you can neutralize 99.9999% of harmful, odor causing germs, just by pressing a button. No filters needed; it’s magic! Plus it cleans itself every 2 hours automatically, never have to worry about a stinky bottle anymore. Ok, you have to charge it, but the battery lasts a month. Available in five cool colours they will adapt every surrounding.

Social Impact: members of the 1% For The Planet Network, contributing to six core environmentally focused nonprofit sectors: climate, food, pollution, water and wildlife.  

©LARQ, bottle in white



The 24BOTTLES are not only super stylish, they come along with a completely different sustainable concept. The two available bottles called Urban and Clima are made out of stainless steel, available in many colors and designs, and are super light. The number printed on the 500ml bottles shows the quantity of CO2 you save from being released into the atmosphere every time you refill the bottle instead of using a disposable plastic one. The 0,08 kg (or 80 grams) indicates the quantity of CO2 released by producing a single-use plastic bottle. What a great concept.

Good to know: You can get a removable bottle holder for your bike, which is not only super practical, it carries a wine bottle as well. Important: Zero Emission CO2 Carbon Neutral Social Impact: 24BOTTLES created a lush forest, called Oxygen, made of cacao, orange, coffee, avocado and mango trees among others. This ever growing woodland helps the company make the whole lifecycle of their stainless steel Urban and Clima Bottles entirely carbon neutral. Furthermore they support WeCity, a digital platform and app, which is promoting intelligent mobility and supports reducing CO2 emissions and teamed up with Clean Ocean Project.

©24Bottles, Urban bottle in Marella limited edition



These stylish stainless steel bottles are not only good looking, they are keeping your drinks chilled as the name says. The Chilly’s are available in many designs, colours and are customisable. Choose the colour of the lid or put your name on it and with the carabiner, you can even hang the bottle on the outside of your bag.

Social Impact: For every purchase of the limited edition Refill x Chilly’s bottle they donate £10 to City to Sea to help Refill continue their fantastic work protecting our oceans. And for the World Oceans Day they launched the new Sea Life Edition, specially designed by Will the Artist, where 10% of the purchase also goes to City to Sea.

©CHILLY’S, Chrome edition in rose gold



CORKCICLE’S stainless steel bottles CANTEEN aren’t for no reason looking like stylish cocktail shakers, the company’s background is from barware. The bottles come in 4 different sizes and in a wide range of beautiful trendy colours and limited editions. They keep your drinks ice-cold for up to 25 hours thanks to their triple-insulation. The wide opening allows you to add in ice cubes, plus the silicon bottom makes it impossible to slide around.

Social Impact: Partnership with non-profit Charity: Water, they are donating 5% of all sales.

©Corkcicle, Canteen bottle in white
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