The Les Grands Verres is the amazing project of the creative community the Quixotic Projects, the founders of several successful restaurants and bars in Paris. Their restaurant and cocktail bar Les Grands Verres built in 2017 is situated in the famous contemporary art museum Palais de Tokyo in Paris and was designed by architect Lina Ghotmeh. The special thing about it is that it’s built entirely out of sustainable materials.

The range is big and beautiful, from an 18 meter long counter out of compacted earth to recycled plastic chairs by Maximum as well as renewable wood furniture and upcycled glasses by Q de Bouteilles. Over 200 suspended lights stand in dialog with the history of the place, breathing in an air of elegance and purity.

The project is a full holistic approach to sustainable practices in hospitality. The team is reducing bottle and packaging waste, as well as CO2 emissions by ordering the wine in barrels, they are growing their own edible flowers, recycle and compost waste, plus they even keep bees in their garden. So for your next visit to the Palais de Tokyo plan in some extra time to enjoy their great interior and delicious food.

In this beautiful corner of the restaurant you’ll find a special wall covering. The walls behind the cosy benches have an abstract patina look with a fur finish and are decorated with fabric covered polystyrene tubes used as sound absorbers, it’s joints are filled with mirrors. A very beautiful, smart and special detail. The chairs in the front are from the Parisian furniture manufacture Maximum and were up-cycled from industrial plastic waste.

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